My ektorp and a few other things

The bathroom mirror is up and I am so pleased with how it looks. It fits perfectly over the vanity.

Never mind the view of myself. I couldn’t get a good picture without me in it. 😉
After getting that project finished and a few others, I found another bargain! I have been wanting the ikea Ektorp sofa for a very long time. But, we would have to travel over two hours to get it ( and I am cheap) and I knew I would eventually find it on Craigslist. So, yesterday it finally happened. This beauty came home with us:


I have been moving her around and trying to find the perfect spot. My kids love it, which scares me a little since it is white. But, there is always bleach! I am very happy with it. The people selling it actually had two. Kind of wishing I could have bought both. 😉


So, since I went over my invisible budget for this week, I will be finishing up some projects here and starting some spring cleaning this week. Only 23 days until Spring!



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