In the middle

…..of everything!
I got this trait honestly. When I was a young girl, my parents were always in the middle of projects. My dad loved cars and fixing up the house. My mom loved to cook, sew, and decorate the house. I remember lots of rooms being tore up and fabric laying around. And if you want to know the truth, it felt like home. Even when it was “tore up”. They practically built their house!
Now, here I am following in their footsteps. My dining room wall is unfinished, we have wires hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen, and an old dresser in need of paint in our bedroom……. I will spare you and myself that long list. But with these things that need done, my hope is that my kids will look back and say they felt “at home”.
I hope to use this blog as a journal of the making of that home. I am not an interior decorator nor am I a perfect homemaker. I am sure some of the things I do or buy are not all that popular. But they make me feel at home.




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