Books are for wreathing!

Yes, you read that right. Books are for wreathing!

Really, anything is anymore. Check out all of the wreath ideas on Pinterest. It is awesome!

I loved making this wreath. It was so simple. It just took a little patience.

I started off with some cardboard that I cut a ring out of.
This is my fancy template:



I ripped out several pages of a paperback book and used a Martha Stewart edge punch.


(It made a mess)


I began folding the pages and hot gluing them around my cardboard. I just did it until I had the shape I wanted.




My 6 year old daughter even helped me with this project. It was fun and she loved punching out the edges. Nothing like tearing up a book! I did remind her that it isn’t okay to do this with any of her books! 😉


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