Reindeer Moss

While shopping at the Dollar Tree the other day, I spotted some reindeer moss. Only $1! So, I bought a few bags, figuring I could find something to do with it.

I found a wooden C at Hobby Lobby. Remember to take a coupon or use the one on there app. I am so glad I can just go in there and show my coupon on my phone. I rarely plan to go there. It is usually just a spur of the moment type thing.

So, this is what I had.


I have a yellow wreath on my front door and thought a C would look good on it.

This reindeer moss is messy stuff. I started on the edges and then filled in the inside.


I had to keep this guy from eating the moss that fell on the floor! 😉


And, here it is on my wreath. Now, I am thinking of all kinds of things I can do with this moss!


Have you ever used reindeer moss?



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